Why is FUT getting a familiar technique in the hair Transplant World

The hair transplant procedure is a single option in the Plastic & Cosmetic surgery industry, which has the characteristics of re-achieving the original look back with all the natural quality of hair on the patient’s scalp. The re-achieving the look back with the original hair is also termed as the restoration of hairs involving the shifting of hair follicles from the donor location to the recipient one. This shifting is a prime rule of the restoration procedure, which involves the transferring of DHT-resistant hair roots from their donor location, usually from the back & sides of the scalp, known as the safe donor area in the no hair zone. The shifting of hair roots scientifically targeted from the safe areas as these zones only has the DHT-resistant hair roots and the aim of hair restoration is to offer the longest lasting hair roots where it needs to be implanted.

The hair transplant procedure goal is to be implanted those hair roots that regrew with a fuller capacity of original hair and retains the characteristics like graying, lengthen or DHT resistivity even after the implantation being done and roots show their original characteristics as a human hair.

Scientifically, there are mainly two techniques of hair transplant, namely, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant & the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant. Since both these techniques are used to extract the hair from the safe donor area and the next following steps of slitting, implantation of hairs and making the hairline design are all same.

Why is FUT a Prime Selected Technique in the Hair Transplant World

The FUT is an acronym of a Follicular Unit Transplant involves the strip excision from the back & sides of the scalp to offer a number of hair grafts in order to fulfill the higher grade of baldness with hair roots. The strip excision is very different from the randomly punching as it has a route to the extraction of hair roots as well as a certain method to accomplish the hair restoration goal.

A Most Compatible Technique

The FUT hair transplant is considered as one of the useful technique in the restoration world as it has an ability to offer the highest number of hair grafts in a single session if performed by a well-experienced hair transplant Surgeon. It is the FUT, which gives you an option to cover the higher grade of Norwood class with only the longest lasting hair roots as the hair roots are taken only from the safe donor area. A Surgeon can more than 4000 hair grafts in a single session if the procedure is performed by the FUT hair transplant, whereas in FUE there is a limitation and only 2000 to 2500 hair grafts can be extracted if quite precision and expertise can be adapted.

Only Gives a Permanent Result

The FUT hair transplant only gives the permanent means long lasting hair roots as the hair grafts are only extracted from the safe donor area. The safe donor area only contains the DHT-resistant hair roots and these roots have a characteristic of never falling down as they do not affect by the androgen hormone and remains at their location even after being transplanted to the other location and never shows the miniaturization effect.

The Cost Concern

In the cost perspective, the cost of hair transplant if performed by the FUT is less as compared to the cost of the procedure performed by the FUE hair transplant. If the procedure is taken in India, then it has the dual benefits with medical plus tourist interest and the cost of hair transplant in Jaipur is just 1/4th to the cost of the procedure in the rest part of the country and it can be seen with the worldwide perspective too.


On the whole, we can say that the FUT hair transplant technique is the best option if a patient wants to have a number of hair roots in order to fulfill their higher Norwood class of baldness with the view of getting the high-density hair transplant.








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