Signs of drug use

We know that there are certain emotional symptoms and, above all, physical symptoms of drug consumption. Do not assume immediately that the person is wearing. There may be other reasons why he or she behaves in a rather unusual way.

So that you can identify the signs that someone is using drugs, here in this article we will mention the most usual:

  1. Social and emotional signals.
    • Bad mood, anger, hostility, depression and excitement.
    • Steal and lie constantly.
    • Denial to recognize the harmful effects of drugs.
    • Prevents the approach of their old friendships or the approach of the people who might question the changes in their behavior.
    • Secret and suspicious phone calls.
    • New Friendships unreliable.
    • Answered with a tone evasive when you ask where they have been.
    • Loss of motivation to do things.
    • Total, lack of interest in daily activities.
    • Missing classes or work.
  2. Between the physical signs are the following:
    • Drowsiness or loss of sleep.
    • Tremor in the body.
    • Dilated and red eyes.
    • Lack of interest in personal hygiene and appearance totally neglected.
    • Words poorly articulated.
    • Total loss or increase of appetite.
    • Uncoordinated movements.
    • Dark Circles.
    • Super irregular sleeping hours.
    • Frequent colds and low immune defenses.
    • Weight Loss quite noticeable.

It is very important that both parents of families, such as the family nucleus in general are pending to this type of signals in a person who normally does not behave this way or that have certain compartments retracted, but that this time are becoming much more noticeable than before.

Remember that the addictions to drugs is one of the diseases that have no cure, always and when the follow-up to Time. It is vitally important that the people who are going through a situation of danger because of the excessive consumption of drugs seek professional medical help only in rehabilitation centers can provide them.

It is for this reason that our rehabilitation center Morningside Recovery makes them the appeal to all those people who are immersed in the vice of alcohol and drugs to get in touch with the customer service staff through emails and phone numbers available in this official web page, because in this way we can follow the case and prepare with the custom detox plan you need for your speedy recovery.

Remember that every minute in the life of an addicted person account.

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