9 Restaurants for Chinese Food Halal Medan Part 3

While you are travelling around this country and you get culinary in tasting delicious Chinese food in your destination, is an activity you should not miss. Going culinary while visiting a new place is top activity to taste how delicious their dishes are. If you are Chinese food lover, it is okay if you don’t try any traditional food there, but you still have chance to taste the Chinese food you can find in that city. Even if it is not their traditional food, you should notice some of the Chinese sellers add the rich flavor of their local ingredient which create a new taste of Chinese food over the original one. If you want visiting Medan as your next holiday trip, you will find Chinese food halal Medan easily.

There are thousands of restaurants which serve you any kind of pork dishes you can try. However, if you are a Moslem, you should be careful of it. You still have chance to find Chinese food halal Medan restaurants part 3 that you should not miss it:

  1. Taipan Restaurant. In this restaurant, you will get the large portion with delicious taste, and also the cozy and luxurious place. There are many Chinese foods are served here such as tofu, fish, seafood and many more which of course with the Chinese taste of them. If you want to order the food, you can try to order shrimps, classical hot and sour seafood. Both are recommended dishes here. If you want to try the Medan’s food, you can order pancake durian which absolutely has delicious taste ever, even for you who like either don’t like durian. This restaurant is located in Jl. Putri Hijau. The open hours of this restaurant start from 11.15 a.m. until 2.15 p.m. Thus, if you are getting hungry in the mid night, this restaurant is your best choices.
  2. Kade Bubur Medan. If you are looking for the Chinese food for breakfast, this restaurant is your best choices. You will get the taste is so damn delicious. You should try this one If you want to have breakfast in Medan. This restaurant is located in Jl. Mangkubumi number 16, Medan.
  3. Jade Chinese Restaurant. If you want to get lunch, you can go to this restaurant. In this restaurant, you will get the luxury atmosphere in a great place which serves you delicious Chinese food. Here, you can order for dim sum, chicken, soup, peking duck, and many more. This restaurant is located in Jl. Putri Hijau, inside of JW Marriott Hotel Medan.

Those are Chinese food halal Medan restaurants part 3 you can try some before leaving this city as well. Tips for you, it will be better if you found out the list of Chinese food halal and where you can get the delicious one before D-day of your holiday. It will make you can schedule your time when you should visit some of Chinese restaurant in a day, for having breakfast, lunch or dinner.



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